Head Up! ~Poem

Today I have written a poem in a very casual style having heard about a little situation earlier this week where I responded by running off a few lines. Sometimes we have to let go of people in order to rescue ourselves from unnecessary stress and make brave moves in order to do so. This is just a little summary of bravado!

Head up!

So my friend you gonna walk all over me-
Sorry I don't think so!
Time has come to set myself free...
Yes I know so
Just watch me... see me letting go..
I'm not gonna be treated this way..
Don’t bother turning your head
You can clearly hear me say
I don’t need this anymore
I know who I am
And I have my pride
So there’s no need for you to stay
Not in my life anyway
... coz losers are just a penny a day..
And I'm a billion dollar baby... hey..
I’ve got no more to say!
Decision done
I'm gone... far~far away!

Jaz McKenzie 2012 ©

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