INVESTMENT... not talking £$£$£$£$!!!

Another way of saying never give up!! I am dedicating this to everybody who has the BRAAP FACtor!! You will get where you are going if you stick at it.

Tune in later today for the final part of our series... 'Poetry Mechanics a "toolshed" in 20 paragraphs' by Louis J Casson, featured for the past 4 consecutive Wednesdays!

Who’s talking money?
Stocks and shares?
Not me!!
Finances so restrained
No need to show restraint
Just keep counting the pennies
So that their worth can accumulate

I’m talking real life investments
The invisible account slowly rolling
Love generating love
Patience tailored with practice
Mutual trust and understanding
Persistence creating opportunity
Consistency raising the bar

Investment means...
Keeping your nose to the grindstone
Your eyes peeled
And throwing the boomerang
With all your might
Awaiting its inevitable return
When challenges arise
Rise to the challenge!
Time to learn life’s lesson:
The more you give ... the more you receive!!

Jaz Mckenzie 2012 ©

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