Kicking out the Fluff Bunnies! Live Life~Love Life WK 24

Have you got Fluff Bunnies?
You probably don’t want to think about it but the probability is that you are gathering fluff bunnies in a corner of your mind! Little things that we refuse to focus on, try to dismiss... however they cannot be thought away and remain to haunt us on the odd occasion.

There are so many little things that need to be addressed yet we keep putting them off... procrastination is a powerful force with free reign! Sometimes these fluff bunnies can effectively clog up the wheels within our minds, interfering with emotions or giving us reason to stay within our well worn ruts.

Tackling the largest fluff bunnies may take courage. You may have to revisit prior events and know that you are going to hurt bigtime... opening an old wound to try to understand the things that escaped you when you were facing a specific situation for instance. A good example of this is when a family or friendship is divided. This usually occurs because of a lack of understanding which leads to actions resulting in hurt and pain. Generation gaps, different life experiences, strong points of view- especially from a moral stance can create divisions sometimes with difficult consequences. Those fluff bunnies may take some time to break down but open minds and patience can work wonders.

Sometimes we have fluff bunnies made of dreams that float in our minds. A lack of confidence and self belief are the usual reasons that prevent us from even starting to work on these. As CaMilly said yesterday, we all want success but it is up to us to put in the work. If that’s the case you need to find out what will enable you to start working on your dream and making it a reality.

Then we have the tasks that need to be done & are always put back to the bottom of the list! Forms to fill out; decisions to make that we can afford to delay; little changes to our lifestyle... sometimes these can be minor things that appear daunting to us yet simple to others. Very often, once we have actually tackled something from this list we say, ’why on earth didn’t I do that years ago!’ Our minds need to grasp that knowledge is more than power, knowledge is freedom!

Some of these fluff bunnies can be quite destructive if left, especially if you are experiencing annoyance with someone and can never find the right time to discuss it. This can lead to a potentially harmful situation when you have a bad day, something inappropriate is said or done which flips your anger switch and you explode. Retrospectively you will wonder why ‘this’ had to happen when a little courage earlier on may have prevented it.

Now we have a good idea about these fluff bunnies, take a few minutes to consider the fluff bunnies that might be holding you back, preventing you having an easy mind. What enters your head when you try to relax? Can you deal with any of these things today? Tomorrow? Fluff bunnies are usually little pockets of fear that interfere with your mental freedom...

ADVICE: Get your brush out and sweep through your mind... you do not need to be a slave to inhibition in any form! Mental Fluff bunnies are as disruptive to your inner machinery as actual dust bunnies can be to a vacuum cleaner so free up your mind!

Jaz McKenzie

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