A Midsummer Night's Dream~ Another Way Theatre Company

We are continuing to follow the work of Chris Chamber's company, 'Another Way Theatre.' This picture is from an outdoor production of 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' that was enacted in Queen's Park, Caterham. Here is Chris' summary of the event!

'Yes, we had rain and wind - elemental, to say the least but it just goes to show what a fantastic, hardy cast and crew I have, especially 6 children playing fairies who were offered the opportunity not to go on after the interval but wanted to do it, regardless - "the show must go on!" they said - - before singing "the sun'll come out tomorrow" in their tent through the interval!

So well done to 70 people who came on the door and spent Midsummer's Eve experiencing Shakespeare and the elements! Thank you all! Roll on tonight - come wind or rain - "for the rain it raineth every day" and that is what open air is all about!'

Chris Chambers


Dylan Tate

'Amazing stuff, came on opening night, cast were battling through the elements for our entertainment. Loved it! Have a great closing night.'

Michael Cooke
'Thoroughly enjoyable-loved the innovative amphitheatre. There's something truly emotive and heart-warming about open-air theatre. Thank you to all involved.'

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