Poetry mechanics: A “toolshed” in twenty paragraphs PT 4/4 By Louis J. Casson

Welcome to the final part in our poetry series written by Louis J Casson to encourage our Braappers to try their hand at writing poetry~ you can't go far wrong after all & might discover you have a hidden talent! Louis has given us valuable information over the past 4 weeks so please check out any of the articles you may have missed & please check out Louis' websites... links below.

16. Flip through a dictionary,
to know more words than you do now.

17. I’ve also at times written a “book”;
i.e. a storyline like an opera or musical, to then write song lyrics to situations/characters.

18. Read widely, travel, absorb into the pool internally from which comes the poems...
• My own,...Spiritual/ faith: My Bible and prayer book. Benny Hinn and Billy Graham. Non-fiction: business coaching, stress management/psychology. Philosophy. Blues review, Country Music People, Maverick, Financial Times, International Herald Tribune.

• Time out in travelling seeing friends etc, all add to experiences, potential materials for poems.

19. Paper publishing:
• Can be costly due to cost of paper increasing. Also you then have to physically locate a retail outlet, promote, market, sell all yourself; unless a publisher takes on your book.

• Bookstores, usually large chains, are not interested in books without glued spines or ISBN numbers.

20. Copyright protection.
While it’s correct that copyright exists from the moment you pen any piece; sadly on the internet the cut n pasters, would be plagiarists are there! One can only stick a notice on the poem to ensure if stealing is done, they know clearly they are doing so.

That’s it! Hope this has been of use. Best of luck in your poetry! Louis.

Louis J. Casson, my links:

• Behance Portfolio: http://www.behance.net/LJCasson

• Blog, http://louisjcasson.blogspot.com

A big thanks to Louis for writing this series so that we can all benefit from his knowledge, much appreciated!

If you would like to become an ~IB~ poet or write a short inspiring article send your work to itsbraap@live.co.uk


  1. Hello everyone, hope you found my tips and comments helpful. Now go on and write your own poems!


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