Wednesday, 13 June 2012


This has to be the most confused British summertime ever! Here in the UK the weather is sooo crazy we don’t know whether tomorrow will bring flip-flops or wellies and that is no exaggeration. The increase in rain brings forth cold nights often followed by hot days and everywhere you go all you hear are complaints. ‘This weather’s appalling... I hope we will get a hot summer because I can’t stand much more of this... don’t you wish you were abroad, it’s so unfair.’ Constant relentless cries often comparing our island to the rest of Europe or even the Caribbean. In a way this can be a little short sighted when we consider the rainy season with its sudden violent storms and worse still, hurricanes... as with everything people only focus on the highlights!

Sometimes I feel like saying... wake up, this is June so it is summer and we did have some really hot days at the beginning of the year! But then, what of it? My approach is to forget all about the seasons and live a day at time. Recently a lady asked my opinion as to the advisability of purchasing a fig tree. She waved a shop pamphlet in my face and asked whether I thought it would grow in this climate. I am no gardener so I simply said that as the seasons are now all over the place I doubt whether anyone can answer that question- so if you like it, buy it & give it a go. As we say on ~IB~ it’s always best to take the positive approach.

In a way I am pleased to see so much rain... it means relaxing baths are once again on the menu as our reservoirs are slowly re-filling... well, it’s best to think so because we need some compensation for the daily drench!

Why is the weather so important to us? Obviously for practical reasons such as the growth of crops and all other essential weather related activities. It is also important because we know that sunshine boosts the feel good factor. Maybe those who are constantly focusing on the weather do so because they have not developed a true appreciation of life... the fact is that we are on this earth for a limited period come sun, wind or rain and should aim to make the most of every situation... so next time it rains don’t complain, just pull on the wellies & go stamp in a few puddles; after all, making a splash can be very satisfying!

Jaz McKenzie
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