Thursday... poem dedicated to the God Thor!

We acknowledge
Dedicated to Thunor, God of Thunder
Clashing and thrashing around
In the middle of the WEAK
All sword and spitfire set upon destruction
In the eons of mythology
Slayer of the beast
Hammer wielding
Barbaric representation...


Thor, the God of strength,
Protector of mankind
Hallowing, healing, symbolizing fertility
Forever gracing us throughout the ages
Never a week passes by
Without tribute to your power
Today is your day
Let’s savour the appointed hour


Earth in turmoil
Spinning in confusion
No unity amongst mankind
Love and hate
Peace and war
Thor ever present
Familiarity in this instance
Should not breed contempt
Every week we should embrace Thursday
Acknowledging it as a symbol
Of regeneration, healing & ultimately hope
For as long as the sands of time


Jaz McKenzie 2012 ©

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