When we think about musicians travelling and touring the initial image is usually that of the tour bus! However, today I came across something that can only be described as the plight of musicians travelling abroad and needing to take their instruments on board a plane in the EEC.

Airline regulations pay no heed to the needs of musicians travelling with their instruments. The problem is that instruments are likely to become damaged if they are put in the hold so clearly this is not a viable option. To make matters more difficult, apparently musicians choosing to take their instruments on board as hand luggage may have to pay for the privilege by purchasing an extra seat or forego taking any additional pieces of hand luggage on board with them.

~IB~ are appalled by this and we are sharing a link to the Economic Justice Petition so that you may protest in order to support musicians. The issue is also explained in detail on this site.


You may not realize it, but this can prevent musicians carrying out all their engagements and suffering a loss of work. If you agree that music is the food of life~sign the petition and feed the musician!!

Jaz McKenzie