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Are You Getting Your 5 A Day!

A very popular plug in recent years, ever since the experts detected a link between the high consumption of fruit & vegetables leading to decreased chances of developing heart conditions. Hence the slogan- eat 5 a day- that has led to a huge and consistent marketing campaign.

I love the idea of 5 a day and as it has been so well publicized thought it would be a good starting point for an all round physical and mental health plan, so here’s the ~IB~ 5 a day healthy living plan... to be taken in any order!!

1/5= Spiritual Health~ We all need to give consideration to our spiritual well-being and this is generally easier for people who have committed to a religion than it is for atheists. Most people include time for prayer, some for Bible reading and meditation. If you are not inclined towards any of these you might like to reflect on the ways you can help others to build up a positive view of yourself (without being big headed!) Spiritual Health is strongly connected with the ‘one love’ view as it is good to focus on love~ genuine love is good for the soul. Maybe you could learn a few new spiritual habits to help advance yourself and this could included focus on prayer, regular Bible reading or meditation. Everything becomes easier with practice! If you do not have a God-centered approach, meditation can be focused on positive, pure thoughts and an increased determination to do good. If you are still searching to find the God you believe in you can make time to read and research until you find what you are looking for.

2/5= Intellectual Health~ We need to be intellectually stimulated otherwise our quality of life will suffer. When we seek intellectual stimulation in one area of our lives, often the rest of our lives will benefit. If you have been in the same job for a long time and don’t want to leave you could seek new training opportunities. Eventually you may decide upon a new career move.
There are many games on the market that have been designed to challenge us and are fun at the same time. Alternatively you could create a project of your own, join discussion groups, extend your reading to cover new subjects or tune into programmes that stimulate your thought processes. Maybe you could start your own blog!

3/5= Emotional Health~ Our emotional health is linked closely with our self perception and relationships. What makes you happy? What do you want to change? Maybe you need to socialize more to induce the feel-good factor. Sometimes we become too wrapped up in ourselves and this cripples our emotional health... or give too much of ourselves and have no ‘me time.’ We need to maintain good relationships with the people in our lives and let go of the things that we know are not good for us. Confidence has a lot to do with emotional health because when we lose it we can struggle with life. We need to recognize our emotions and when to give in to them and likewise when to say ‘enough’ to an emotion and replace it with positive thought.

4/5-= Physical Health~ The fitter you are the better you feel. This is not necessarily related to size but we all have an ideal weight and tend to feel at our best when we are on target, so eat well and definitely have the odd treat!
The benefits of exercise... and let’s not forget sex... have been proven over and again. Decide upon the type of exercise that suits you and try to follow the programme, whether it’s a weekly swim, daily walks or physical exercise at the gym or in your own home.
Relaxation is as important as exercise, both physical and mental so allow yourself time to unwind. Some exercise is conducive to relaxation. Ultimately, take time to chill!

5/5= Have Fun & Smile~ Very important!! Let go and laugh, find things to do everyday that you enjoy and smile... it’s your inner sunshine and makes those around you feel good too! What is life without fun? Don’t wait to find out!

This is not a difficult prescription to more effective living but it takes a little thought and determination to follow through. Work out what you do already and gradually add in the rest... bite size chunks! I am going to start with meditation because it’s been in the back of my mind for years... better look up the Live Life~Love Life article, ‘Facing the Cobra!!

Here’s to a happy, healthy life the 5 a day ~IB~ way!

Jaz McKenzie

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