Everybody Dreams iPad Music Video Shoot [With Sound]

~IB~ Would like you to get a real feel for this song & see what all the hype's about. These kids live in the Tottenham area and have had enough of the negative reputation that goes with it. They don't want people to have a 'bad taste in your mouth' when they say Tottenham... instead the  kids have worked hard to do their thing and make a change in the public perception... a little ripple in a large pond that has now gone transatlantic... next blog up in a few!!

Look at the happiness in their faces and feel the entire vibe of this video, as they sing to their pre-recorded track. This is how we want to see our young people... understanding that they have the power to change their futures and the joy & determination to do so. The question is... what can you do to help sustain this? Simple... share the news & get ready to download the single on 19th August. If you are in the UK you can take part in the flash mob Monday 6th August... so keep checking the site!

Demand Everybody Dreams from your fav DJ's & get armbands & merchandise... it's all coming your way!! Everybody Dreams so while yours are taking shape help the kids live theirs!!

Jaz McKenzie