Sunday, 1 July 2012

Happiness is your own creation! Live Life~Love Life WK 27

Happiness is YOUR OWN creation~ Whether you have considered it or not, we really are responsible for our own happiness.

Most of us experience some amazing times in our lives when we feel really happy and everything is going exceptionally well and these can create great memories. I remember being at a live rock concert in my teens and thinking, ‘heaven can’t be any better than this’... I know many of you won’t agree for a number of reasons!!... More scenarios- watching the sun rise over the sea at Beachy Head and singing round the campfire in the evening. These experiences were fun and just a part of growing up, however some people never have the joy of experiencing carefree times in their lives yet can still be happy. This is because happiness starts from within and we have the potential to learn how to do things that will make us happy.

The secret of happiness is that there is no secret! As with everything else it’s a question of attitude and practicing mind over matter. What makes you feel happy? Have a think~ it might be an idea to list your findings in two columns headed ‘free’ and ‘requires $$$/£££’s’!! That way you can take action to plan ways of achieving more good times at a glance. You will find that the free things can often be worked into your daily timetable, possibly taking a walk through the park at lunchtime or making time to visit your friends. Some things can be achieved when we find a way to work towards them. A simple example- some people enjoy reading so to buy a new book is a joy, failing that a trip to the library or joining a reading club could be helpful.

Friends are important and sometimes good friends personalities or attitudes will change because of their circumstances. Obviously there are times when we need to support our friends and help them to cope. In general, if you find you have too many negative people around this may bring you down. When in this position you can either address the problem with those concerned or go about changing your circle of friends. We all feel happier around positive people because they inspire us and do not allow us to wallow when we feel low.

Challenges are excellent because once you have achieved the task you will have a sense of satisfaction which creates a feeling of happiness. It might be that some of the things that will bring you happiness, a holiday for instance, are costly and you may need to put steps in place to achieve them.

If you are going through a low period in your life and have lost interest in most things, challenge yourself to go out and socialize. Getting out of the house may seem daunting if you are out of the habit however a good night out will probably lift your spirits and give you energy to start thinking about change. It is difficult to have improved output if there is no new input!

A couple of quick tips to improve your happiness:
1) Adjust the way you look at a situation. If something bad happens we tend to look negatively, but as our blog ‘Everybody Dreams’ showed us yesterday, there is usually an up side in every situation- we just have to find it and often it’s not immediately evident.
2) Start the day on a positive note and tell yourself that it will be a good day. Your mind will believe you!
3) Try and tackle the things you don’t like as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the rest of your time.
4) Make time to do things that make you happy everyday.
5) Try to stay motivated and create a balance in life, taking care to have some leisure time!
6) Enjoy the moment!

Happiness is in your hands so make an effort to create and hold onto it... and don’t forget to put a smile on your face, it always helps!

Jaz McKenzie

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