The Power of Choice. Live Life~Love Life WK #28

One of the most powerful tools we have in life is choice. Choice is a gift given to the human race which sets us apart from others, our choices helping to define our personalities. A common phrase we often hear is, ‘if I were you...’ but you are not me and visa versa , therefore guidance is good but choice remains individual- we can suggest but we cannot force and society abhors those who force their will upon others ie: the bully.

Choice has become more important within all areas of society, especially with regard to children. Children are no longer forced to eat everything on their plate, they choose how to dress from a very young age and often choose their own bedtimes... we’re not saying choice is always advisable where children are concerned as there are occasions where they require guidance!! What children need is to be nurtured in a way that helps them learn how to make the choices that will help them live their lives to the full.

Choice changes everything.-fact? It is important to distinguish the importance of making choices and accrediting the right amount of time to them. Sometimes the choices we make are minor and the results relatively insignificant... there are times when you may as well toss a coin rather than take time to weigh up the pros and cons. Very often the importance of a decision will relate directly to your priorities... example being; it may not matter to you which cup you drink from or where you sit however if you choose your colleagues cup or sit in your Grandad’s favourite chair, there may well be repercussions! To some people choosing a mobile phone is a chore whilst others spend hours deciding... of course, there are people who just have to have the top of the range model and it’s not a question of choice! Where choices are not majorly important sometimes you can leave the decision up to others. Friendship is more important than always getting your own way, so allowing others to choose can strengthen friendships... I am not suggesting you become a doormat but by being fair, if you do feel strongly about something you are in a better position to fight your corner.

Important choices will affect our lives dramatically and lead us in different directions. There are many times during our lives when we have to make major decisions. Teenagers, having spent many years within the security of compulsory education whatever their views, face the terrifying prospect of choosing a career. They might have absolutely no idea what they wish to do and actually have very little knowledge about the true scope of available options. Much time is often wasted in further education whilst they find their feet. This does not mean that they have made bad choices, they have made limited choices and may have some great experiences along the way.

Life decisions really do change our lives. Where we study, where we live, who our friends are will affect future choices and outcomes. If you meet adventurous people you might go on holidays that you would never have considered. Likewise, if you are easily led you could make bad choices and take the wrong path in life- however people also have the choice to turn things around and learn from their mistakes.

Our choice of partner is vital to our future and often has an effect upon our personalities. The right partner helps us to grow and move forwards whereas the wrong partner can do the opposite. When it comes to having children our choice of partner is key and can make the difference between the type of family our children will experience and the way they view life; especially the value they will place on the importance of family, religion, money and their view of success.

Sometimes making wrong choices is as important as making right choices because the wrong choice can be a benchmark for the future and an essential learning curve. We determine the way in which we regard our choices whether we apply a positive or negative attitude towards them, which shapes our future. Right choices feed self belief and wrong choices challenge us to stretch our thinking and find solutions. Right choices take us a step nearer our goal and give us the feel good factor whereas wrong choices can teach us to look at life differently and help strengthen our character. When viewed in that way there are fewer wrong choices!

We learn from everything when our minds are open and this helps us to make better choices next time round. Even people who have been imprisoned for horrendous crimes have acknowledged how their experiences have benefitted both themselves and others in the future. Often they choose to actively help people who are in situations that they have already experienced- similarly people who do well in life choose to take their knowledge and share it so they can give others more choices in life.

A few points to consider when making choices:
• How important a choice is it?
• How will the outcome affect you?
• How will your choice impact on others?
• Is this a good time to make this choice?

The final important point is not to allow yourself to be pushed into making important choices. Remember that sometimes you can please yourself and sometimes you need to make choices on behalf of your family, friends or colleagues. Just do your best to make the best choices to move your life in the right direction and learn from your mistakes... life is about choice so choose wisely and enjoy it!

Jaz McKenzie

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