The Secret Millionaire!!

Have you ever watched the TV programme, 'The Secret Millionaire?' The concept is very interesting whereby the millionaire is usually put in dire accommodation in an equally dire area and left to go off to choose and investigate 3 projects that s/he will later present with a sizeable cheque. Naturally this is done through presenting a feasible cover story that enables the millionaire to find out a great deal about the people involved in the projects.

The programme reveals so much about the nature of people and how they struggle to help those around them, common examples being youth clubs or projects with the elderly. What is particularly noticeable is that every millionaire has something close to their heart and very often they end up revealing unsolved issues in their own lives.

Through the process of getting to know one another, it is quite striking that on many occasions whilst the millionaire is coughing up the money they very often receive as much emotionally as they are giving and leave the experience with a weight lifted from their shoulders. Tonight's programme was no exception. The millionaire had lost his father through illness and regretted being a difficult child, causing separation from his father who ultimately left him to his own devices. Whatever his father advised, he did the opposite and later in life found it hard coming to terms with the anguish he had caused. This was reflected when the cheques were awarded, the biggest cheque going to a man who had suffered 3 heart attacks and spent 20 years fund raising for the hospital that had treated him in order to give something back. Besides being able to buy a huge amount of equipment and cheer up patients and nurses alike, this man helped the millionaire to take a new look at the way he viewed his father. He enabled him to see how much he cared for his father in reality and helped him to move on to the next level of acceptance... not easy when it's too late for 'sorry Dad.' This emphasizes some important issues that we have touched on before:

1. We need to love and care for people whilst they are here with us in order to cope in a natural way without regret once they have left- whatever the reason for their departure.
2. People need people... no man is an island... who ever we are there is always something more to learn about others and ourselves.
3. Beware of judging others... you might be way off the mark especially if you have pre-conceived ideas.
4. When we give we so often receive in turn... not necessarily in the same currency!

It is very good to see a programme that crosses different divides emphasizing the way in which people can be affected by the plight of others. Whilst it is a fact that most of us don't even have a few hundred ££$$'s to spare, there are different ways in which we can help one another, so let's just be a little more aware of the things that we can do to make a difference!

Jaz McKenzie

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