Tiny 9 Year Old Gymnast at the Level 7 State Championships (Jr A)

With the Olympics about to kick off very shortly it's a great opportunity to share this tiny talent from 3 years back. Lizzy Leduc was only 9 at the time. Watching her more recent floor exercise at the WOGA classic in 2011, Lizzy was still performing delightful challenging routines... yes, there was a distinct wobble on landing following a difficult combination of moves on the floor but still very impressive! Most available information about Lizzy shows that she is still achieving and has continued to progress ever upwards however does not appear to have done as well as we might have expected. In addition, Lizzy suffered from injury so missed the 2011 elite season.

It will be interesting to see whether Lizzy will be performing in the Olympics and if so, what she is capable of compared to other gymnasts... such a fast moving sport and even now the first name people usually think of is Olga Korbut... her performances at the time were more than breath taking, putting gymnastics to the forefront of the sporting world for a while. The fact that gymnasts are still able to create new moves is  pretty mind blowing and leads us to wonder... what are the limitations of the human body? I am sure we will see even more records broken this summer... exciting stuff even if you're not a sport-a-holic!!

Jaz McKenzie