Vibing Up The Swag ~Poem by Jaz McKenzie

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Vibing Up The Swag!

Scuse me a min while I vibe up my mental swag
Coz life’s so tough don’t wanna be a drag
And right now nothing much good is going on
So you gotta change the beat if you wanna change the song
Breathe some good vibes in & let the bad vibes out
You know staying on the up side’s what life is all about
No point complaining coz complaining won’t fix
Just get some new ingredients to stir in the mix
Put a smile on your face coz a frown won’t do nothing
Why waste your time crying when you could be laughing
A change in your fortune might be just a day way
So get your mental swag vibing to melt the blues away!

Jaz McKenzie 2012 ©

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