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I thought for a change we would do something different, so found a great poetry site where you can post your work if you would like it reviewed. I decided to share their all time top poem by a guy called JAMES BARNETT. It is the type of poem that most people can relate to, hence its popularity. The site is called easy to remember!


Why did you come back, if you didn't want to stay?
My feelings are real and not for you to play
Why do I still love you and still care a lot?
It's something I'm pondering; an interesting thought.

Don't tell me you miss me and want me to write
When most of the time you stay out of my sight
I want to be caring, understanding and nice.
In your absence - this relationship? - I'm questioning it twice!

I don't understand; why do I still care ?
When all I can feel is immense despair.
My feelings are waning and in time will be gone.
Then you'll probably be wondering where you went wrong.

James Barnett - April 2012

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