Basking In The Glory (enjoying Success) Live Life~Love Life WK 35

With the success of the Olympics and with the Paralympics about to commence it’s a good time to take a quick look at success.

Success is the ultimate reward, whatever area of life you manage to achieve it in, because success is the result of planning, hard work and capitalizing on your talents. It is the confirmation that we deserve to feel good about ourselves for a number of reasons including the effort that we have invested; it is also confirmation of self belief. Achievement shows everybody that we have good judgement and the ability to follow through. It also proves to others that they were right to believe in us and back us whatever the odds or cost to themselves.

Most of the time success is a joint effort being the result of good and at times great teamwork. There are many people who contribute to an individual’s success, likewise with a successful company or brand. Success is increased when everybody knows the goal, the plan and is dedicated to fulfilling their role without wanting constant recognition for their efforts... ultimately everybody knows how essential their contribution was in the journey.

When an individual has talent, eg: an athlete, musician or actor, they invariably need great coaches, managers, promoters and a whole host of people to help spur them on... help them improve their craft, obtain sponsorships, get bookings or advertising deals. It is almost impossible for one person to concentrate on their talent whilst organizing all the publicity and practical details required for them to advance- such as booking travel and accommodation if they are to reach the top of their chosen field. Successful people need others around who excel in their own right. Sometimes dedicated friends or family members are able to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to propel the person they believe in forwards.

Sometimes we can be successful at something we would never have imagined that is way outside our comfort zone. Success in the unexpected is extremely sweet as we need to extend in new directions and undertake new challenges that encourage us to re-assess ourselves, adding more positives to the list and the understanding that we can achieve more than we would ever have presumed.

Of course the success of an artist or athlete is obvious to the world yet our own achievements are equally great- success should be measured against individual potential and can apply to any area of life. Courage is a component of success in many instances, being an individual quality that can be called upon in different personal circumstances- most of which will never be in the public domain. Courage helps you achieve results and is a remarkable tool that helps overcomes obstacles by empowering the weakest aspects of our character. Courage with determination creates a high level of confidence which is a key element of your personal mental environment... Remember that you are in control of your own mental environment by authorizing your feelings and emotions. Your mental environment needs to be GREEN ... ie: unpolluted by negative thoughts and procrastination... a tall order! Important as success usually comes from a calm, controlled and highly focussed mind.

Once you achieve success in anything make sure that you enjoy it and appreciate the effort and time it took to achieve. Don’t gloss over your successes or play the overly modest card because each success is a pre-curser to a new challenge and it won’t be long before you become involved in applying 100% effort to the next project and your next anticipated moment of success! Success is another important step in the ladder of your life, so keep achieving & keep on climbing!

Jaz McKenzie

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