Clocking Up The Minutes Live Life~Love Life WK 33

Clocking up the minutes... how we use time.
The majority of us for most of our lives have no idea when we will draw our last breath, although occasionally we have a clue when the time draws near, especially if we become extremely ill or are elderly and our bodies are running down.

So, why are we considering this at all?
The reason is simply because when I was suffering from a moment of acute distress and thinking all sorts of the wrong things I tried the ‘fly on the wall’ thing we looked at last week and thought- ‘if this was your very last minute on earth would you really choose to spend it with these thoughts in your head?

Just imagine if you took your current feelings with you when you passed into eternity. Great if you popped off after winning a gold medal but what if you were feeling angry, upset, jealous or any other negative emotion- who knows, this might be the first thing in your head to start the new era of your being. A pretty scary thought as I have heard reports of people who have apparently died and not realized it! Do we believe in the world of mediums and spirits... your choice.

I am not suggesting that we go around with the idea of dying in our minds... preserve us from the very idea... but it is good to pull ourselves up and away from the negative vibes we tend to dwell on when things go ‘wrong’ and we feel overwhelmed with particular situations.

To be able to cheer yourself up is an acquired art that usually takes a lot of practice. Basically we need to focus on the minute in hand and find a way to make it better, make it count. Usually the best thing is to do something that gets your mind off your worries... little things such as a game of cards can provide a good distraction and create mental relaxation.

If you look at where you are in life right now is it where you would wish to be? I am not referring so much to location as your personal attributes... patience, generosity, kindness, being without resentment. Basic characteristics which can elevate us in our own eyes; even encourage us to keep on treading the road to self improvement and towards our earthly goals.

Think back to the last words you spoke. Maybe they were everyday conversation, an instruction, a request. How did you put yourself across? With consideration for others, in an everyday manner or without any thought. If you were angry would you prefer an opportunity to take those words back? This is just a reminder to think before we speak or in some cases, not to over think!
How well do you like yourself? Before we can answer this question we need to take an honest look at ourselves. If we are generally happy with who we are we can keep on the same path. If we don’t like who we are we are definitely not ready for eternity- you don’t want to spend the rest of your days with a person you don’t like! Time to identify the things you wish to address and find some ways to help you change. Don’t expect overnight results... gradual progression is likely to be more permanent.

Where are you spiritually? Do you have a God? Do you want to have a God? Have you thought seriously about this side of your being or have you simply focused on earthly riches? Now might be a good time to take that journey of discovery and make sure you are happy with the views you hold.

On a practical note, have you taken the time to make a will, tell people what you would like to happen if you were to die unexpectedly. Preparation is not morbid it is showing love for our families by having a plan and ensuring that they receive what is rightfully theirs. Planning helps to remove stress at an extremely difficult time of life.

Living in the moment is a skill. We are so often drawn away by our thoughts to the past or the future... as is making the most of time. This week try to take time to appreciate the here and now, it can actually help you feel more at peace with yourself, calmer and more in control which ultimately improves your quality of life.

Jaz McKenzie

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