Saturday, 18 August 2012

Everybody Dreams Documentary Teaser to our Dave Stewart Radio Transatlan...

Amazing video & worthy of a poem to make you think a little about the importance of genuine dreams and why this project is so important... inspiration is one of the important keys in life, so help Gladesmore turn that key for future generations and get ready to download Everybody Dreams TOMORROW!!

Everybody Dreams-  Sometimes!

Everybody dreams –sometimes!
Allowing us to come fully alive
Entering our own orbit of sunshine
Beyond the greyness of winter lit skies
Clouds that revel in chasing the sun far, far away
Oh misery- the beating of another rainy day
We need hope’s light burning in our lives
Revealing the true purpose of a dream-
Our purpose built inspiration beckoning
Google Map outlining the route to bluer skies

Dreams... Set within foundations of routine or poverty
The dirty bass of our lives beating with endless monotony
Summoning up deep seated desires for change
Dreams, allowing us to swap or rearrange
Our perspectives, juggle our priorities
And view the future through a rosy mist
Perfection, perched upon a pedestal in distant haze
Awaiting, curiously anticipating everything
Except the unknown issue of fate
Life’s blessings or the cold cruel twists
On which we deliberate

Dare to dream?
For real... we all do!
But only the chosen few
Have the determination to
Run with the dream
To plan, prepare
And execute
With skill, with care
Yes the dream will come true
But only to those who dare!

Jaz McKenzie 2012©

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