Introducing Allie Stewart... Ready to be Inspired?!?!

It’s always good to introduce new people to our Braappers and today is the turn of Allie Stewart. As we mentioned on Sunday, we will be sharing an article Allie has written specially for ~IB~ this coming Sunday.

‘How to Know Yourself and Become Fully Alive’ is beautifully suited to our weekly blogathon Its Braap~Its Life...currently at week 33! I love Allie’s individual approach, especially as she challenges one particular public perception... you will need to read it to work out what I am referring to!

Anyone like to rise to the challenge and guess what Allie does for a living???? Easy, Allie is currently working as a life coach and has created her own business, ‘The Life Changing Company.’

Allie works with all age groups and specializes in helping people find their ideal career. Her greatest sense of achievement within the spectrum comes from helping young people to discover their key interests and get their lives off on the right path. She recognizes the struggle to equate personal interests with an appropriate course of action and enjoys steering them in the right direction. If you are thinking of changing career you will find plenty of useful information on her website... follow the link below.

I met Allie in central London recently and we had some interesting discussions over lunch. Allie is a warm caring person and loves finding a balance in life herself, currently prioritizing spending time with her grandchildren throughout the summer holidays. This in itself is a great recommendation when you consider that Allie is following her own advice and creating that balance!

As you are all aware, I love people who are genuinely focused on living life in a positive way and enjoy encouraging others to do so; therefore was thrilled with Allie’s feedback regarding Its Braap... Thanks for the encouragement! Allie has spent a great number of years working with people and undergone intensive training so is extremely qualified to help individuals make considered decisions with her step by step approach. Whatever a person’s circumstances and the changes they have recently experienced... or not as the case may be... Allie has her methods and the skills to help people explore their options safely, increase their confidence and face the future with a greatly reduced fear factor. If you have major decisions to make in the short term you would be well advised to contact Allie for some firm support and advice. The final point worth mentioning is that Allie offers a genuine service for an honest price so you know you will receive great value for money.

A big thanks to Allie for giving up her time to write for us and hope you will all tune in this Sunday!

Link to Allie’s business:

Jaz McKenzie

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