London Olympics 2012 filmed by me Epke Zonderland on Mens Horizontal...

There have been so many amazing performances in the last couple of weeks that we could have shared however we would have been chock-a-block trying to keep up with it. I am sure we have all see Usain Bolt's phenomenal performances so I am posting this guy, Epke Zonderland from the Netherlands who won gold on the horizontal bar. Epke is a medical student... how do you study medicine and become a gold medal Olympic finalist?? That is dedication to the max. Apparently Epke has another 4 years to go before he qualifies~ just in time for the next Olmpics!! Epke said that he has inherited his talent from his Grandfather who displayed amazing skills walking across rooftops or some such thing and wanted to be a clown!

Well, just a few more medals to be decided and we're up to the closing ceremony. Hope you have all enjoyed the atmosphere and energy of the games.

Jaz McKenzie