OFFICIAL Jamaica 50 theme song- "On A Mission"

Right now it seems the world is celebrating with the Olympic feel flooding from London and way beyond. Today however belongs to one nation, Jamaica, as they celebrate 50 years of independence. What a great time with this special day following Usain Bolt's incredible win yesterday  in the 100 Metres- amidst a strong athletic presence in general from the Jamaicans. It is great to see the celebrations reported on the news with communities clearly enjoying their cultural heritage & looking to the future.

With the way the world has been let's hope we have moved from the era of 'blood on the streets' which has been referred to in some reggae songs and focus more on pride in the heart... and have you ever met a Jamaican who is not proud to be Jamaican!! This is the time for one love... Bob Marley definitely got that one right! Love & blessings to all on this long awaited day... Its Braap!

Jaz McKenzie