Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Prayer for an End to Violence~ St Ethelburga's

ABOVE: St Ethelburga's Garden

Prayer taken from a card at St Ethelburga's

God of life,

Every act of violence in our world,
between myself and another,
destroys a part of your creation.

Stir within my heart
a renewed sense of reverence
for all life.

Give me the vision to recognize your spirit
in every human being,
however they behave towards me.

Make possible the impossible
by cultivating in me
the fertile seed of healing love.

May I play my part
in breaking the cycle of violence
by realising that
peace begins in me

London 7th July 2005

The relationships that we can have are highlighted within this prayer- between God and amongst ourselves both individually and worldwide. We need to cultivate the skill of seeing God in others and ask for help with forgiveness and all the challenges that prevent us from being at peace within ourselves. There are many organizations who aim to increase peace and understanding in our society, including Peacekeepers USA & UK. Knives not Lives is a UK organization started by youth to educate and reduce knife crime. In order to create a peaceful society we need to increase understanding and acceptance of one another, so start with your own attitude and perceptions on all levels. It is good to be a great example and inspire others to do likewise!

Jaz McKenzie

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