Sunday, 16 September 2012

Giving Life The Thumbs Up Live Life~Love Life WK 38

Appreciation of life is a great gift and to some comes entirely naturally. At the same time there are others who find life a continual challenge and wish they had never been born. This does not necessarily mean that they have a dreadful life however they will clearly have reasons for thinking in this manner.

You do not need to have a reason to be thankful for life as it is more of a personal thing ... often a state of mind. Some people simply love life and it is a fair comment that society seems to expect us to want to live forever. In general, the better things are the more thankful most people are likely to be. Life breeds hope- as long as we are alive we are in a position to make changes and better our situation with regards to work, leisure, relationships, ambition etc.

Being thankful for all the good in our lives helps us to appreciate who we are and what we have. The positives in life can be looked upon as tiny natural generators that emit the energy we need to feed off in order to approach life in a pro-active way. Positive vibes encourage us to act whereas negative vibes have a tendency to sap what little energy we do have and keep us in a loop of constant complaint, being pre-occupied with our situation rather than trying to rise above it.

When we give life the thumbs down by being too introspective and negative we often forget the effect that we have on others. Discussing difficult situations in a positive way is a very necessary part of life and helps us to build friendships and learn more about ourselves. The flip side is constantly grumbling and complaining which effectively sends out negative energy to those around and either drags them down or alienates them... usually through choice because genuinely positive people surround themselves with other positive people and may pay less attention to you.

There are events in our lives that are so good we are automatically happy and thankful for them. New jobs, the right relationship, a great holiday, special talent- all of these things fall into this category. The trick in life is to be able to assess what is happening on a daily basis and draw the positives from each situation. Sometimes it is good to be accepting of challenges and put downs, giving thanks where possible, as the benefits may become clear in the long term. Life can weave an unexpected course making it much richer than we ever imagined. It can be a good exercise to look at the mundane aspects of your life and appreciate the value that they add. Example: if you hate doing a pile of ironing you can reflect on the fact that you have clothes and also the joy of shopping. There are many people even in the richest countries of the world who are unable to enjoy this privilege. As my sister says, you can even play your favourite music whilst doing some of your least favourite tasks or use the time for thought and meditation.

You dictate the quality of your life by the quality of your thoughts and actions. There is a wealth of resources available to help boost our thought power and enjoyment of life, much of it free. Most of us are linked to the internet which puts us in a position to explore multiple genres of media and learning. Likewise, towns and cities often host a variety of free entertainment that we can observe or take part in. There is a lot of joy to be found out in the streets- as well as sorrow!

A good place to begin appreciating the joy in live is through observing others. If you find life tough, take a look at the people you know who seem to have an easier time of it. In all probability they have as many problems to face over the years as you do... the difference is likely to be in their attitude and approach to each situation. Many people are determined that life will not get the better of them and make every effort to rise above the lows and create new highs.

SUGGESTION: Take a fresh approach to each day regardless of how you felt yesterday and try to live in the present. If you know something is likely to upset you, try to avoid it where possible unless it is in your best interest to deal with it quickly and effectively. If you have too much time to think, make a positive effort to fill your day and keep busy. Sometimes our routines can do with an overhaul, especially if we have decided to avoid certain people or situations until we are better equipped to handle them. Most of all, make a few minutes to count your blessings and be genuinely thankful for all of the good things you experience before you go to sleep each night. This will help your mind to relax more and puts you in the driving seat!

Jaz McKenzie

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