Saturday, 29 September 2012

Meet Carly Rose Sonenclar - THE X FACTOR USA- ITS BRAAP!

The word phenomenal is frequently used these days but in this instance is almost not strong enough. 13 years old standing on the stage, looking like a 13 year old with no make- up and no fuss. So how does Carly manage to connect with Nina Simone through this song?

I think L.A. Reid provided a lead to answer this question when he said, ' you may be 13 but your soul is OLD.' Carly is mature beyond her years and has the flame of ambition truly on fire, evident when she said that everything she had been doing all her life paid off.

Nina Simone used her life experience to the maximum and Carly is doing exactly the same at a far younger age. We have a worldwide talent stage available which presents opportunity for all yet how many people fail to prepare? Carly has clearly sung this song hundreds of times to get it exactly as she wants and worked at her presentation. Clearly she has a musical background and is gifted with the ability to sing beautifully combined with the power to put her song across in a modern style. Superstar is the aim and it would appear to be well within her grasp.

I will put the original version up and a little more information about Nina Simone so that we can all appreciate the true origin of this song.

Jaz McKenzie

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