St Ethelburga's- Centre for Reconciliation & Peace

I discovered St Ethelburga's last Sunday by chance as part of the Open London Weekend & what a find! St Ethelburga's was bombed in 1993 by the IRA and has been re-built however it has functioned as a centre for hospitality and peace since the 14th Century. Here is their wonderful ethos:

'To address the pressing issues of our time, we need to transcend the things that divide us. By building and renewing relationships across divisions of conflict, culture and religion we can release new energy and hope.'

St Ethelburga's itself is very small however their work is phenomenal. I am very keen to discover more about it and possibly spend some time taking part in one of their programmes, all being well. The centre is truly international and hosts a range of events for groups and individuals including music and poetry from around the world- along with serious training, projects & opportunities for prayer & reflection. They recognize diversity yet focus on similarity in order to reconcile us one to another. I loved the atmosphere and it was a blessing to sit in their meditation room and experience such tranquility; the word 'Peace' etched into the many windows in different languages.

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I hope you will check out this little oasis of peace & reconciliation in our crazy mixed up world!

Jaz McKenzie

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