Suburbs on a Hazy Day~ D. H. Lawrence + Quiz!

Today, 1885, was D H Lawrence's Birthday... Time for a little quiz... just to present the facts differently! Answers below:
Q1 What do the D. H. stand for?...
Q2 Where was he born?
Q3 Besides poetry, what else was he known for?
Q4 What was, 'The Rocking-Horse Winner?
Q5 What was the focus of his work?
Q6 What did his opinions earn him?
Q7 Approximately how many poems did he write?
Q8 During the latter part of his life D.H. Lawrence was officially persecuted... how did he refer to this period?
Q9 Who described him as, 'The greatest imaginative novelist of our generation?'
Q10 How old was he when he died & where?


O STIFFLY shapen houses that change not,
What conjuror's cloth was thrown across you,
and raised
To show you thus transfigured, changed,
Your stuff all gone, your menace almost rased?

Such resolute shapes, so harshly set
In hollow blocks and cubes deformed, and heaped
In void and null profusion, how is this?
In what strong aqua regia now are you steeped?

That you lose the brick-stuff out of you
And hover like a presentment, fading faint
And vanquished, evaporate away
To leave but only the merest possible taint!

1) David Herbert... never stopped to think about that before & incidentally after Herbert comes Richards.
2) Nottinghanshire, England
3) Novelist, playwright, essayist, literary critic, painter
4) A short story
5) The de-humanizing effects of industrialization
6) Enemies!!
7) 800
8) 'Savage Pilgrimage'
Q9 E.M. Forster.. Edwin Forster English Novelist.
Q10 Aged 44 in France

Quiz Reference: The Wikipedia

Jaz McKenzie

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