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The Man in the Mirror. Live Life~Love Life WK 36

The Mirror of Change!!

From a physical beauty aspect the best place to examine ourselves is in the mirror... a nice clean mirror without smears or streaks that provides an accurate reflection of ourselves. We also need a traditional mirror as we would never consider taking our reflection seriously if the mirror happened to be warped- which would distort our view.

Most of us have a realistic view of ourselves however occasionally there are reasons why people have misperceptions. Anorexic people are a case in point, where the mind projects a strong mental image capable of obliterating the truth. Sometimes we just have differing views... people can dress in a way that shocks us, however this is simply a matter of taste as defined by the individual concerned.

Sometimes we need to use a ‘mental mirror’ so that we can take a good look at ourselves. When Michael Jackson was talking about ‘The Man in the Mirror’ he was referring to internal changes, not physical changes, although appearance was important to Michael even though most of us would consider him a little deluded in his need for continual surgery... whatever we think, the important aspect is the man in the mirror- the person we all need to address to make the most of ourselves from the inside out!

Another reason it is good to think in terms of mirrors pertains to a basic scientific fact... a mirror needs light in order to create an image, likewise we need to look at ourselves in the light of truth. Mirrors enhance our best features and highlight our worst which is a great consideration when examining ourselves. Awareness of our strengths and weaknesses enables action. If you discover a blemish on your face there are plenty of treatments available and the same applies to character weaknesses. There is never one way to treat a flaw and some flaws may take longer than others to correct.

There are 3 main steps to change:
1) Identification
2) Reflection
3) Opportunity

IDENTIFICATION: Decide what your good points are and how you might enhance them. Likewise prioritise your weaknesses... which weakness do you wish to tackle first and how?

REFLECTION: In order to change our future we need a good grasp of the present and how we have arrived at our current position in life. Making changes takes courage and we need to learn from the past, it can be our greatest teacher. Reflection can help us to understand why we are the way we are; how we see ourselves in relation to others, how we view others, how confident we are, whether we are pleased with the decisions we make & so on.

OPPORTUNITY: If you take a good look at yourself you might find that you have limited yourself to the familiar and there may be more opportunities you are capable of pursuing. Maybe you are busy now and up to your eyeballs with responsibilities- even so, it might be that you can still make a little time to learn new skills or expand existing skills with a view to using them in the future. If you put the right tools in the box you can undertake many more tasks!

The final reason for taking a look in the mirror is biblical... you can’t take a spec out of someone else’s eye when you have a plank in your own! A true picture of ourselves helps us to be less judgemental and more accepting of others. We can feel more empathy for others if we can try to put ourselves in their shoes. In addition, if we are trying to address our weaknesses it is a good idea to enlist the help of others who will probably appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and be encouraging- these are the people who may well ask us when they need assistance whether they are friends, family or colleagues. Sharing knowledge is a mutually beneficial process and empowers all concerned.

Next time you look in the mirror, take the opportunity to delve a little deeper and make some changes at a level exceeding skin deep.

Jaz McKenzie

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