The New Advert starring Stuart Pearce ~IB~ ANGRY ADS!!

This is the latest offering from Go compare & I guess some people will actually find this funny. Personally I consider it to be shocking, especially considering the rise in gun and knife crime we have experienced over the last few years. In view of this, most of us would prefer to teach our children ways to discuss and negotiate with others. Go compare's advert, whether they have stopped to consider it or not, tells our kids that if they don't like what another person is doing they are able to physically assault them. It teaches them that they have the right to exert their opinion over and above other people's opinions.

Surely Go Compare have a moral duty to consider the effects their adverts might have on young minds; after all, everything has been processed through the politically correct  codes within society... let's face it, we weren't even allowed to sing Baa Baa Black Sheep a few years ago, so why is this series of blatantly aggressive advertisements allowed to be aired during prime time TV? AND... why do Go Compare want to acquire a violent image in any form? Let's hope that they will come up with a new set of more suitable adverts before long, after all the aim of the business is excellent, helping us to save much needed time by doing the ground work.

Jaz McKenzie