Thursday, 11 October 2012

~IB~ BABY E-MUTE: OXJAM CALLING~The Journey Continues!

~IB~ began following rock band E-Mute earlier this year and we are currently re-joining them at an exciting time as E-Mute have just released their first music video, ‘Clock Moves Forward.’-check the previous blog! Since last speaking with Theo, E-Mute are now under the wings of James Black, Black Radar Management Company who specialize in rock bands, having 13 bands featured on their website & a welcome to E-Mute in the scrolled information. Black Radar currently have quite a few gigs lined up for their artists and we hope the same for E-Mute!

E-Mute are a great alternative rock band having an energy that exuded during their last gig which was highly successful. Following the summer break Theo recently decided to do a couple of solo spots at open mic nights- attracting attention once people realised that he’s a session drummer and lead singer of a rock band! This happy discovery led to the band being invited to take part this coming weekend in Islington’s OXJAM Festival.

As the name Oxjam suggests, this is an initiative to promote exciting new talent whilst fundraising for Oxfam. The concept tailors the festival to selected venues that are close to one another making Oxjam a highly accessible event. All you have to do is take a tube to Islington or the Angel and walk along Upper Street to the various venues where over 60 talented bands or individuals will be performing over 2 days. Ticket prices are very reasonable and here are the details for E-Mute~ we hope many of you will be able to make it:

E-MUTE on stage Sat 13th Oct at 21:00 at the Library
235 Upper Street London, Greater London N1 1RU

To book tickets and read more about Oxjam follow the link:

The next major event scheduled for E-Mute is the release of, ‘Too Proud To Say Loud,’ their debut EP coming November- we are awaiting the actual release date! This will be available on-line from all the usual digital outlets.

More information about E-Mute is available via their website link and our search box both on the right of the blog.

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