Saturday, 6 October 2012

Meet Jason Brock - THE X FACTOR USA

It's Saturday... X-Factor day in the UK at the moment, so before we post any serious blogs let's have a little fun and play one of the most surprising and fun auditions from the USA. Jason Brock is a Tax Office employee with huge dreams, a great dose of self confidence and an incredible voice. It is very clear that Simon & LA are expecting the worst from their facial expressions yet when we come to judging, once again we can enjoy watching Simon eat his unspoken words!

This is one show that you can really envisage enjoying, not just from Jason's dreams but from his personality and individual singing style... a show I would absolutely love to go to. Yes, diva is the word and we can describe Jason as a kind of cross over between Elton John & Dame Edna with a little of Mick Hucknall's sweet tones thrown in, making him a larger than life, contemporary star!

Jaz McKenzie

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