Saturday, 6 October 2012

Retail Giant Dixons Does the Deal as Everybody Dreams Hits 50 Stores!!

In a previously unprecedented move retail giant Dixons is giving Everybody Dreams 100% backing- great news for all Everybody Dreams fans across the UK & beyond!

Gladesmore School pupils are thrilled to discover that their campaign to revive the image of Tottenham has taken an exciting new turn following recent negotiations with Dixons Retail PLC, who are supporting Everybody Dreams wholeheartedly from the top of the organization, Chief Executive Katie Bickerstaffe (pictured right), through to the shop floor.

Following its release in August, a year after the riots, the song hit #33 in the charts and it is hoped that the Dixons Group, which includes PC World, will help familiarize the public with this song- a positive anthem for any age. 50 stores will be involved with the aim of inspiring more people to become involved within the community and to download a copy of the song or purchase the actual CD, which may be available in store. For the next two months stores will be showing the Everybody Dreams video on their monitors and you may spot staff wearing the now familiar Everybody Dreams logo on their official caps and handing out leaflets to customers.

This is an indication of how seriously the Dixon Group are taking Gladesmore’s effort to make a difference to Tottenham and inspire today’s youth by instilling their sense of local pride in the minds of the public. (Family shopping- pictured right)

The Dixon group is proud to be involved with Everybody Dreams and this is re-iterated in the words of Alan Ritchie, UK Retail Director (Pictured below) who said, “We share the campaign's goal to inspire communities, in Tottenham and beyond, to drive forward their local areas and make them even better places to live and work in. A number of our stores, including our Tottenham branch, were affected by last year's riots, and we have worked hard to rebuild, upgrade and move on."

Everybody Dreams is a unique school project that is benefiting from huge community support as its importance is impacting on society. Gladesmore school, who have received support from Boris Johnson and the Police Commissioner amongst others, is thrilled that Dixon’s are happy to put their name to Everybody Dreams. Dixons clearly have a full and first hand understanding of the roots of the project and its implications for the future.

This is backed up by Tony Hartley C.B.E who is Headteacher at Gladesmore Community School, when he said of Dixon’s, "They have embraced the positive view we have of young people and are keen to show what wonderful talent we have at Gladesmore. The children and their parents are so proud to see the DVD showing on all the screens as they step into the stores."

Pictured left: Head Teacher Tony Hartley supporting the Everybody Dreams Fashmob event on the streets of Tottenham.

To read more about the Everybody Dreams campaign enter ‘Everybody Dreams’ in the search box on the top right.

Here is the link to the Dixon Groups Facebook page:

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