Saturday, 3 November 2012

Aliens (playlist)

This new Argos advert really put a smile on my face. The aliens clearly have a semi-understanding of life on earth  but in some ways they are not far from the truth! Having watched Super Nanny in the USA having to intervene to stop the children racing around the garden with machetes ... gasp-horror- I guess even intelligent adults find it hard to draw the line sometimes! The most alarming aspect was the mother who felt sorry for the children being told not to do something they have been allowed to do for years!

Working a nursery I have seen some strange things arriving with the children from time to time and the most amusing of all was a teapot. 'Why's he carrying a teapot?' I asked... 'because he wouldn't leave home without it,' came the reply... sigh, who's the parent around here?

Children do need to play with natural materials and safe household items so there is a definite place for small pans, wooden spoons, nail brushes and yes, the all important cardboard box, especially in times of recession when high street toys are so expensive. It is even better when parents join in with their children's games and help them stretch their imaginations.

Back to these adverts- very clever way of looking at everyday life from a new perspective. There's some great information too if you keep watching.

Happy Shopping!

Jaz McKenzie

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