Guessing the Odds!!

The only certainty in life is that we have periods of uncertainty... oh yes, mustn't forget the age old cliche which loosely interpreted means we don't live forever!! This poster is very challenging and I believe it embraces the idea that we need to take chances in life.

Odds are fascinating, so fascinating in fact that people spend hours calculating them; even betting on them and when fortunate can make good money or great decisions. Let's stay positive!

If you are unsure about calculating odds you can try the pragmatic approach- ultimately every single set of odds comes down to the same basic odd which is 50/50... you either get it right or wrong... when you bet on something there is no in between.

Even when not betting there are many instances where odds come into play and these are usually attached to choices, especially where serious medical decisions are concerned and these cannot be truly calculated leaving a tense period during post operative recovery. There are many factors to take into consideration when calculating odds but no matter how careful you are there are at least 2 considerations that are almost impossible to calculate- individuality and the element of surprise.

Soooo... the odds of our work syndicate winning the lottery are... nope, too huge a calculation but as I have already said, either we will or we won't... and the odds of you reading to the end of this article? Pretty good because it's quite short... however the odds are that I'll never know whether you did or not!

Jaz McKenzie

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