Monday, 12 November 2012

Time for a challenge? Live Life~Love Life WK 46

Are there times in your life when you suddenly realise that every day is more or less the same?

It is so easy to fall into routines and habits- a comfortable place but all of a sudden, instead of feeling that familiar sense of contentment, instead we have a niggle of dissatisfaction that grows and grows until we find that there is an issue to address.

The times in life when everything is going well are to be treasured and it is good to keep everything flowing nicely. It is a good feeling to wake up everyday in keen anticipation of what lies ahead and this generates a drive of positive energy that inspires us further. Having said that, sometimes the best time to consider a new challenge aka 'change' is when things are going well and you still have more to give. This means that you will be clear headed and have plenty of time to consider options; especially if you are looking at changing your job or career path. When things are going well we are likely to maintain standards and lack the sort of desperation that people who have become tired of their job are likely to emanate.

There are many different challenges that we come across in life and especially our personal relationships are often challenging; familiarity easily breeding contempt as most of us know only too well. Taking others for granted is pretty much a universal occurrence because we become so settled in our ways and everything becomes a matter of course. Showing genuine appreciation is important and not the same as a quick thank you. Long term relationships hold different challenges in order to keep the spark alive. The point with relationships is that they are always a two way thing and sadly they can go wrong; it’s a real shame when a challenge is presented and refuted!

Sometimes we may become mentally lazy and stop using our intellect. It might be for a valid reason eg: we have small children to care for and put our own needs to one side. Exhaustion can also prevent us from applying our minds fully to different things. Sometimes we may just become complacent and not feel a need to extend our minds. Interestingly, once we kick it back into action- possibly undertaking training, the knowledge we gain spurs us on and we actually enjoy life more. The equation is that challenges create new challenges and from this we can derive an increased sense of satisfaction. Challenges do not have to be hard work. There are many challenging games available to stimulate us in different ways from general knowledge to improving our memories!

Another type of challenge is physical. You might like to undertake a charity leap out of a plane, or maybe take a short flight if you have a phobia of planes. Challenges will require mental stamina and nerve but might make life easier in the long run. You might set a simple challenge and build up from there, example: if you address a need such as too exercise more! There are other types of challenges which are hard to deal with including anxiety. Sometimes we need to take the first step and seek help either medical or counselling. Seeking help is a strength and not a weakness because it is a stepping stone to an improved future- a more confident YOU. Interestingly I was just watching a programme in which people managed to conquer their phobias with the help of an invented drug- Rumyodin, which was actually a placebo. Derren Brown, who instigated the experiment, said that sometimes all we need to do is to give ourselves permission to overcome our fears. We can recondition ourselves by tapping into our will power and the drug Rumyodin is an anagram of your mind! This is a challenge because it means that we know we can be in control when we choose.

Challenges keep us alert and make our lives richer whether achieving new heights, improving relationships or overcoming fear. The more challenges we seek the more we grow and stimulation and success are very important qualities. Try to make time to look at your life and seek out appropriate challenges to interest you and bring a little more light into your life! It is better to die reaching for the stars than to be in the passenger seat of life!

Jaz McKenzie

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