Angels and Eternal Sunshine

A quick consideration about life & the after-life. Controversial, maybe, however this poem is not intended to be disrespectful in any way and is an expression of my fear of eternity which I've suffered as far back as I can remember.

Do not think for one minute that I don't value life; this is not the case but the quality of life and the fact that we all experience pain and hardships, especially those born into extreme poverty, does throw up some serious questions which are simply hinted at here. We did take a look at pain in the previous blog to help us understand its value in relation to the lives we lead and here on Its Braap we constantly look at the positive side of life & love.

My problem is specifically with eternity. I definitely believe in it however can't get my head around this alarming certainty, so given a choice would opt out- one life time is quite enough despite the possibility of eternal joy! It's the thought of never ending and having no choice in the matter that has always freaked me out!

Just for the record, I believe in God, the love of God and in this poem 'Mother Earth' is referred to as the creation of God therefore including us as children of God.

Angels & Eternal Sunshine

What’s the purpose of life?
The dream behind the divine plan?
The point of creating man?
Lives lived in poverty?
Lives lived to excess?
Each & every one of us facing some sort of mess!
Who do we thank for our birth?
Our earthly Mother or Mother Earth?
Life runs a short course-why?
We learn a few lessons
Shed some tears
Have a laugh
And finally we die...

Episode 2... Eternity....
The open book remains
A mystery- and one I do not wish to solve
For the fear of infinity is greater than the fear of death
In me- which I cannot resolve
Eternal life- to live with no end
I wish the buck stopped here my friend
BUT most will shout me down and disagree
For the vanity and hope of man cannot conceive
Death to be the end and therefore believe
There must be more than this life
With abundant blessings to receive

Angels and eternal sunshine in God’s presence
So amazing, so divine
A new lease of blessed life
No worries or strife
For evermore & evermore & evermore....

BUT while the Heavenly Angels sing
And shelter immortal souls
Beneath their out-stretched wings
I would choose to sink into oblivion
For surely when everything has ceased
There is only one outcome-
The perfection of total peace
To have been and be no more
And not meet the Saints
At the Pearly Gates
Of Heaven's Open Door...
and suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of heavenly host praising God and saying,' Glory to God in the Highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.'

Jaz McKenzie © 2012

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