Friday, 7 December 2012

Be Braap~Be Inspired!!! Real Quotes from Real People!! # 20

“If you want to test your memory, try to recall what you were worrying about one year ago today.” - E. Joseph Cossman

This quote helps us to put our lives into perspective!!

First question:
What were you worrying about this time last year?
Most of us cannot remember~ which is the point of the quote! We spend far too much time worrying needlessly over minor issues. Take toddlers for example. How many parents tie themselves up in knots over potty training? I always say, that by the time your child goes to school you will have forgotten all about this particular challenge so a few accidents are really of no consequence! Most of the things we concern ourselves with are at a similar level of importance or rather, non- importance!

Second question:
Are you worrying about something right now?
Stop worrying! Instead, decide how important it really is and what you need to do to help resolve the difficulty. If it is out of your hands, what is the next best course of action OR do you just need to change your perspective of the situation.

Example: You didn't get the job you wanted.

The possible options open to you include:
a) keep applying for different jobs
b) Upgrade your CV and practice interview techniques
c) Look carefully at your skills and see what other opportunities are available
d) Focus on putting more effort into your current job and see how you can extend your role

Third question:
Are you worrying about the same thing that concerned you last year?
If the answer is yes then you have not moved your life on. Why not? Are you afraid of the future? Have you sought help- counselling/practical advice? Even in the worst situations we can seek help. If you have severe money worries you can receive help and advice. Whatever your problem you will have more peace of mind once you take any form of action. Knowledge leads to control and understanding. People can help you approach the right authorities to help your situation and help you to strategize.

Warning: Never run from trouble it will catch up with you!

Returning to the quote- This quote is a way of advising us to go about our business with the intention of making life easier and letting go of worry. What is Worry?~ a ball of negativity that will cloud your judgement and inner resources. Take control and make the most of your life using that same energy to create a better environment and happy memories.

Jaz McKenzie

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