Every Cloud has a Silver Lining! Live Life~Love Life WK 52

Everything happens for a reason~ at least, we like to think so! Maybe this is why the expression, ‘every cloud has a silver lining,’ came about. Silver Linings were first mentioned in a poem by John Milton; 1934.The original use of this exact expression was by Katty Macane who wrote in a magazine in 1840, "there's a silver lining to every cloud that sails about the heavens if we could only see it."- a nice addition to the phrase and an interesting way to look at it. Sometimes a situation seems so bad that it is almost impossible to imagine that there could ever be any good that comes out of it. Very often we fail to put two and two together, even with hindsight.

How often does something happen and we are annoyed with ourselves because we have blown an opportunity? I was in that position recently and felt disappointed for a brief moment, however being a thinker I analysed the situation and came to new conclusions.

Scenario: Recently I met a well known TV personality and during our brief exchange, asked about the possibility of doing an interview. The person told me that he was always giving interviews and asked me for an example of a question. Naturally I froze on the spot! After a few seconds, I asked something along the lines of, ‘what would you most like to achieve that doesn’t relate to your career?’ He replied that he would fall asleep answering that question, so naturally I felt totally deflated!

Silver Lining: This is simply a matter of perspective and in this case it helped me to realize a little more about the importance of interviews and a little about myself. The first point is that I am not a quick thinker, I am a deep thinker and to assume that one question is a good indicator of anyone’s ability to conduct a great interview is blinkered! If I wanted to I could go away and prepare a ‘spontaneous’ question to use in the future- however this approach lacks appeal. I might consider researching potential interviewees although this always takes time and is a bit of a gamble. What makes a good interview question?... the answer is asking what the fans what to know, even if they haven’t thought of it yet! This is where pre-interview discussions come in handy. The final thought I will include is that all celebrities are there as an inspiration to the rest of us and ideally should be humble enough to constantly answer the same questions with good grace because we are inquisitive and they are our examples. Celebrities are the people who are living the dream and who have put in the hard work to reach their goal. People who strive to achieve tend to continue striving to achieve even more and that is good for the rest of us!

Another example of silver linings can be seen on the reality shows. How many times are people criticized and knocked back before they manage to reach the magic inside? Louis Smith is a perfect example. The man could dance but had no acting skills. Once told that he would not be able to progress without improving the characterisation of the dance he managed to let go of his reservations and live the characters he was dancing. The result, Louis won the competition.

There are many examples in our own lives when we look back. Times when we were struggling yet we bounced back better than ever.

Often people turn to religion during the hard times and the Bible tells us to give thanks for all things. There is a reason for that which maybe it is difficult to comprehend however, a thankful state of mind is a positive state of mind and all things are possible when we are open to receive blessings.

Writing this blogathon, ‘Live Life~Love Life’ every week has proved very challenging and I was surprised to discover 53 Sundays in 2012!! I even re-counted in case of error!! It has felt a little like a cloud when I have been exhausted and needed to produce an article, yet it has been a definite blessing and taught me to be more disciplined than previously- an essential quality that required work. We will continue running the blogathon in 2013 and will base it on Bible verses... anther challenge and if anyone would like to send their favourites in with a relevant comment please do!

I will close by wishing you all a Merry Christmas and we return next week for the final write up in 2012.

Jaz McKenzie