In the Blink of an Eye! Live Life~Love Life WK 53

As usual Christmas has been and gone in the blink of an eye!! I think pretty much the same can be said about 2012 really and yet when you look back, most of us have packed a great deal into 12 months!

I am glad to say that the world has survived 2012, the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, which as I stated back in January, would prove to be my year however not as I would have predicted and I am sure it is the same for many of you! My vision was to make ‘Its Braap’ fly and the blog has certainly done just that! However, other events have overtaken life resulting in far less time than ever before on Facebook leading to minimal interaction with my long-distance friends... out of sight but not out of mind in the majority of cases, with energies requiring to be put elsewhere.

Isn’t that the beauty of life... adapting to change?
This refers to the unknown elements that take us in different directions- meeting new people and enriching ourselves on many levels. The greater depth of character we develop, the more we have to give. Some of the lessons we learn may seem pretty futile at the time but are the very things we might draw on in times of need and are likely to be thankful for later. Very often one thing leads to the next as life unfolds in front of our eyes. What we can do is to stop and reflect upon our progress once in a while to keep control of our lives. One of the key questions we can ask is:

What have I learnt from my experiences and how has this changed me?

The key point is that learning should equal change. Maybe the lesson you have learnt is that you are on the right path in life and the change could be to your self-assurance and confidence, knowing that your energies and efforts are purposeful and you will achieve your outcomes. This is a valuable outcome and should renew your energies. Sometimes the opposite is true and for whatever reason we fail to learn a fundamental lesson. We know this because we approach the same situation in the same way, thinking similar thoughts yet expecting a different result. This is so often true with relationships- we have conditioned responses that we trot out every time- especially within our families. We do something knowing that Freddie will stomp to his bedroom, Charlie will break down in tears or Jackie will be stubborn and refuse to co-operate. With only a few more days before 2013, it might be good to spend a little while identifying the changes we would really like to make and trying to find strategies that will assist us when creating a new approach. This can be tough at first but with determination we can improve the quality of our lives and those around us. Often we need to create space to absorb our life situation and to recognize what we need to do as an individual to develop ourselves further.

Failing to evaluate the different areas in life is a sure and certain way to avoid making any serious impact on it and prevents improvement. This in turn impacts upon other people directly by affecting our ability to assist, relate or add quality to other people’s lives. Life cannot be more satisfying if we fail to challenge ourselves, being content to cruise along on a sea of familiarity. There are times we need to coast, usually following a period of emotional stress, but ultimately we need to grow! We have one whole day left this year in which to plan and make resolutions for 2013... which takes us back to the beginning of this Blogathon!!

This is the last Blogathon in our 2012 series and we will be kicking off the new series for 2013 next Sunday... That will prove challenging and I am sure many of you would be able to do a great job with it as we have decided to focus on different Bible verses, staying true to the title, 'Live Life~Love Life.'

All that is left is to wish you a HAPPY & BLESSED NEW YEAR!!

Jaz McKenzie