Just A Thought! Poem

After a time of trial and in the calm before the storm, these are the thoughts that have come to mind...

Just A Thought!

Today I am at peace because
the boundaries of my life have been defined.
And so it will remain
until the shifting sands of time
re-draw new lines.

A calm day, a new day, simply- today,
quiet and still without even the notion
of a whispering breeze.

Hush... don’t be fooled child, for the wind of change
... is nigh...
soon to stir your mind,
creating a storm of Gi-normous proportions.

We change with the seasons, bow and sway,
whilst the reasons for our existence will keep on
Drum, Drum, Drumming... tippet-tap then BOOM
exploding in our heads.

What is the purpose of life?
Maybe there are as many answers as there are souls
who once inhabited the four corners of this earth.
Or maybe, there is only the one- according to the righteous-
‘To serve the Lord your God with all your heart, your mind, your strength.’

Yet, I maintain the very sweetness of diversity to be salt, enriching the earth;
preventing uniformity- as bland as milk jelly, from becoming our daily food.
A colourless, robotic uni-cultural existence
can never be mistaken for perfection!

So be careful, lest you remain within the aura of mundane!
Existence being its word, twinned,
caught up forever in tow, like a rolling plain.
However life, by its very nature,
DEMANDS to be lived, enjoyed and appreciated.

So in peaceful times prepare to be surprised!
The un-predictability of life is as certain as
the day is long with blessings, ours for the asking.
And patience will bring its own rewards.

Jaz McKenzie ©

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