Music- more Than Just A Heartbeat! Live Life~Love Life WK 50

It is common knowledge that our own heartbeat is the first rhythm we ever truly associate with, hence the subconscious sense of security we feel when it is emulated in different ways. Often it is used within a piece of music but even without, music has the most profound affect upon all of us and is very much a marker for individuality regardless of whether you are actively producing it or, like the vast majority of us, a recipient.

Drums especially send out very clear messages and are a direct means of communication. The beat of the drum is infectious and makes a primordial connection with a point inside our mind, triggering a reaction. It is extremely hard to stay still and just listen to a lively drum beat. By comparison, there are beautiful orchestral works which are designed with the primary purpose of inducing relaxation and taking us away from the moment to a very tranquil spot either deep with ourselves or some place else.

We all need music, whether it is traditional or modern, heavy metal or alternatively a piano symphony- music has an active part to play in our lives and the world would be a dull place without it. Most of us use it subconsciously and will seek out music to match our moods. The unfortunate effect of music can be felt when you are happily engrossed in something and a song with sad associations pops up on the radio cutting straight through your mood and bringing feelings to the surface that are inappropriate at that moment. We can learn to use music to help us cope with our emotions during difficult periods in our lives and also to celebrate joy. The origins of music always encompass emotion with lyrics being used to express a multitude of thoughts, feelings and ideas. If we stop to consider the early negro spirituals, they outlined the harsh reality of life and hope of the life to come. This can be seen as a constant theme through music across the ages and in present day genres such as rap or rock and roll. Whatever the subject of a song there will be people who can directly relate to it or simply enjoy the story.

As an individual you will be drawn to certain types of music and there are ways you can help yourself by using it to your advantage. If you are on a very down day, instead of playing music that will emphasize your feelings, try to change it up and play cheerful music whilst thinking about some positive aspects of your life, maybe planning for the future. It is easy to sink into a depressive mode, but whether we allow it to envelope us or not is entirely our decision. Yes, it takes practice to learn how to shift your mood however music can be a useful tool to aid the process. If you had a particular tune that made you feel good last summer, play it and take your mind back to that point. The alternative is to waste those minutes feeling, depressed or sorry for yourself- none of which are going to benefit you!

When was the last time you listened to live music? If you haven’t done so for a while see what’s going on in your area. There are often free musical events, especially in London with free lunchtime concerts and other happenings... pubs are a good source of live music. If you look hard enough you will usually find something you like. There is definitely a different vibe to live music that wakes you up so to speak. Music is incredible and the mystery of music is such that even deaf people have been known to play instruments extremely well, even professionally! The vibrations clearly communicate as potently as sound which is extraordinary. We all know that music is a therapeutic medium and used directly as such. We use music for meditation, relaxation and also enjoyment such as exercise and dance. A highly valued use of music is in worship where it is specifically focuses on thanks and praise.

CHALLENGE: Why not jot down your top 10 pieces of music or do your own Desert Island Discs!! Maybe I’ll blog mine next year!

With the X-Factor finals tonight, it is a very important day in UK TV 2012!! May James Arthur win... such a talent!! So my last point- music symbolizes hope, a better day and a possible future of angels playing harps as I mentioned in my poem a couple of days ago... music eternally, now that is a nice, positive thought to end on... so turn up the music and rock & roll!

Jaz McKenzie

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