Saturday, 8 December 2012

The Pogues & Kirsty McColl Fairytale Of New York

This song is extremely clever and totally unique. Such brilliance, to take a slice of life and project it in this way. At Christmas our minds go to happy times with the media projecting a cosy Christmas image. The reality for many people is totally different and some people can find it a struggle to get through this period, especially if there are emotional issues attached. When you just see the title you are totally unprepared for the type of story that follows and this is great story telling with excellent banter throughout.

For the first time ever I pulled up the lyrics for this song and took a good look at them... here's the link.

I did this in order to study the context of the last verse which is a stroke of genius and almost a line of mediation. To take someones dreams and put them with your own, if done successfully is an incredible accomplishment. In this situation with two equally dependent and inadequate people it will never work... obvious from the anger and roughness in this song which mark the mutual dependency on one another. The only other song that I can think of where this is achieved successfully is 'Angie,' by the Rolling Stones.

You tend to love or hate this and to me it's a very special work of art, marking Christmas for those who face it with a great deal more than joyous expectation in their hearts and on their minds.

I perceive this song as being a little reality in the middle of the tinsel mist and fairy lights! Merry Christmas xx

Jaz McKenzie

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