WaterAid - Give water. Give life.

I know that we have touched on this subject recently on ~IB~ so it is good to take a look at this video and allow it to impact fully on us. We can never have equality in this world but the the balance of life is severely out of sync between the 'haves' and 'have-nots.' What I like about this video is that they show us how they are dealing with the situation, how money is used.

Now, I hear some of you saying that these charities use up so much money in admin, premises etc. Yes, money is wasted but at the same time it is used to provide these essential facilities. While our children are busy writing to father Christmas, these children are barely surviving and many suffer with excruciating illnesses, not just the usual bugs we contract here in the West. There are so many natural disasters and everyone needs our help so we can give generously where our hearts lead us.

Back to the video- We don't even stop to consider our drinking water, we take it for granted and probably complain about the water bill! One way of approaching the situation is to consider giving to a charity such as Water Aid as an extra Christmas present, a thank you for all that we have and you can give one-off donations rather than regular monthly amounts. If you pay tax you can tick the box so that the charity keeps the full donation... very important source of increased revenue to the charity.

Let's hope the new year will be a little kinder to us all!

Jaz McKenzie