Beautiful Sunrise~ new poem by Ramize Yardsoul

~IB~ is very pleased to bring a brand new poet's work to you and we mean brand new!! Ramize enjoys writing lyrics however has not attempted poetry before and was very pleased to have an opportunity to extend his talents.

Ramize was born in Jamaica & extended his musical knowledge by listening to a whole range of music, and being a musician has created a fusion which he calls, 'Yard Soul,' filling his own perfect niche. If you would like to connect with his music, google Ramize Yardsoul and access videos and more.


I woke up this morning and the first thing caught my eyes
was the beautiful ray of sun light shining through my window pain
so I got up and headed out side
where I was greeted by the birds singing
Mother Nature embraces me as the breath of life caresses my body
I feel a heavy weight lift from my shoulders
Oh what a sight to see
The red sun over the landscape
Its undeniable beauty stole my heart
I was reminded of the wonders of life
How grateful I am to exist in this time
To experience this enigma
Here in Jamaica is the place to be
basking under this beautiful sunrise

Ramize Yardsoul

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