Don McLean - American Pie better quality

Believe it or not, this song was #1 in the American charts on this date back in 1972- an important day in black history too as this was the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr 1929 ... incidentally it was the date of the first Super Bowl~ Packers V Chiefs.

American Pie generates soooo much energy and emotion having fascinating, challenging lyrics expressing a slightly macbre undertone- let's hope the Father, Son & Holy Ghost won't be fleeing to the coast just yet. It was also a highly successful film and interestingly 'Vincent,' a touching tribute to Vincent Van Gough, came from the same album... which we have blogged previously (enter in search.)

Snippet of info: Donald is a family name which Don McLean inherited from his Grandfather who passed it to his Father.  His mother was an Italian who emigrated to New York, Don McLean's birth place.
Besides guitar, Don plays piano and banjo... a great combination of sounds.

Today we consider Don McLean to be a highly talented artist but what many of us are totally unaware of is Don's determination to reach that point. His first recorded album, 'Tapestry,' was rejected 72 times!!! Eventually it was released by Mediarts, so I consider Don an inspiration to those of you who have not yet been successful with your musical endeavours!

More information about Don McLean can be found on the Wikipedia or his own website

Jaz McKenzie