Franklin Vanderbilt Sings Unplugged for Sandy Hook + Great INFO on this artist!!

~IB~ continuing our 3 part series on Franklin Vanderbilt, bringing you right up to speed with the latest from this surprisingly multi-talented man!  Just listen to the above beautiful performance of, ‘Everybody’s Talking About Love,’ a song written by Franklin, dedicated to all those affected by the recent Sandy Hook tragedy. It is reflective of Franklin’s belief in the power of love. When asked for a quote to go with the song, Franklin said, ’LOVE IN THIS WORLD STILL EXIST.’ That is the truth. Whatever bad happens in the world we need to understand that love is ultimately the strongest force possible and will shine through.

Back to basics!

We have already checked out Franklin’s larger than life personality, worthy of any superstar!! So, let’s just observe a few facts relating to his musical roots so we can put all you new fans in the picture!

Franklin is a naturally gifted drummer, initially from the West side of Chicago, who was born into a musical family. Aged 5, Franklin was given a seriously good drumkit, a Ludwig, and went on to endorse his family’s belief in him by ultimately appearing on stage with world renowned artists such as legendary funk singer Chaka Khan- who whisked him off to drume in LA for two and a half years, Stanley Clarke- known for his brand of jazz fusion and guitarist/singer/songwriter Richie Kotzen.

Prior to this, I believe Franklin’s personality must have shone alongside his talent, enabling him to receive tuition from many well known jazz and blues artists during his teenage years... check website link below for full details. Having played his part in both school and church musical events and having clearly thrived off the influence of his Uncle Robert Vanderbilt, Franklin grew up with a serious, dedicated approach to music which combined with his tremendous energy formed the foundation of his career. Franklin's efforts caught Greg Parker’s attention, (look him up!) a blessings as Greg helped young Franklin venture into new genres which included rock. This proved extremely beneficial enabling Franklin to play with one of the world’s greatest musicians, Stevie Wonder in 2005 and his great talent was soon spotted by Rock star Lenny Kravitz, whom he has supported since 2007- present.

Back in 2008 I remember Franklin telling me that he wrote his own songs and he has also learnt to play the guitar. These talents are now being put to good use as Franklin recently recorded 2 singles which are available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer.  You have already heard the unplugged version of, ‘Everybody’s Talking About Love,’- check out the full instrumental version... and his other song, ‘ALIVE,’-WOW, Franklin just totally rocks it!!

 ‘This crazy place they call my brain.....  I think I’m gonna go insane,’

we can all identify with these strong lyrics however, as I said to Franklin, if sanity ultimately rules.. we’re OK!

Final thought, looking forward to our interview with Franklin!!! And equally to his first album, based on the promise which has been successfully delivered in Franklin’s debut singles. 

Big up to Royalprince!


Jaz McKenzie