Happy Birthday~Feeling GOOD!

Last year I posted one of my most successful blogs, ‘Everyday’s a Birthday’ which received hundreds of views, constantly going back into the top most viewed blogs- can’t remember what I wrote so I think I’ll re-visit it! Once again it’s my Birthday and this time I regard it as a great opportunity to share the happiness and joy I am feeling at this point in my life.

The fact that I am continually happy is interesting because I am currently going through a difficult period yet can’t remember the last time I felt unhappy! A little minute’s restlessness now and again, yes, but not real unhappiness and I believe this is the result of taking a positive approach to life and believing that everything happens for the best. It is not easy changing to a totally positive approach because most of us have grown up within the ‘it’s not fair’ syndrome and will complain about things before stopping to consider them! It takes a great deal of focus to re-train and look at things in a consistently positive way and writing an article every week for Its Braap~Its Life certainly proved beneficial.

Of course, the greatest challenges occur when life appears to go wrong and the trick here is to apply the inverted negative, bearing in mind that good can come from every situation. The greatest people in the world refuse to be brought down by apparent failure, disappointment or distressing events. They rise above them by believing in and awaiting the greater good; whether you look at examples in society or in the Bible. If you look at your own experiences there are probably occasions that, when viewed retrospectively, you can see turned out for the best despite initial upset or even frustration. Many of us have had our hearts set on one particular thing... a property, course, potential love affair, yet it didn’t happen and in due time something or someone even more remarkable fills the gap. This is the beauty of life, we simply cannot see beyond our current horizons and when we live in the constant belief that the best will come to us... guess what? It will.

Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes & I wish you a beautiful, blessed day!

Jaz McKenzie