Tuesday, 1 January 2013

'New Year's Cheer!'

Well, we are now a few hours into the New Year and this year I am sticking to one resolution... to enjoy each day to the max. Sounds simple enough but we all know there will be plenty of challenges along the way! Everything else that needs to be addressed can be within this framework and I will be doing a separate plan once last year's has been evaluated... loosely! Time is a premium and we always end up back at this point, wishing each other happiness and prosperity.

New Year’s Cheer

Hip Hip Hurray the New Year’s here!!
Please raise your glass to toast the future
Starting with merriment and cheer,
Drawing a curtain across all that has passed
Anticipating another new start at last!!
A chance to fly and reach the skies
Above sweet dreams and lullabies!
The freedom that childhood brings
Can never be sustained and yet,
All the lessons of life are indeed
Un-measureable by a bookies bet!

To live is to learn and that’s the truth.
Each of us here, the living proof.
Yet life is tough; let’s not complain-
Sunshine always dries the rain.
Sunshine, visible in the sky,
Sweet light of day, risen high
Bearing hope, the new dawn brings
Peace, love and true happiness
Dwelling upon the angel wings
That spread within your very heart.
So try to grasp the truth of this
And you will be able to impart...

Love is the leading light to our future...

The toast...

'Happiness & Blessings throughout the New Year!

Jaz McKenzie © 2013

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