Sunday, 20 January 2013

Philippians 4:7 Live Life~Love Life WK 3

Philippians 4:V7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
The peace of God is one of those things which is pretty much beyond most people’s comprehension.

I believe there are times in life where we have a quick glimpse of true peace, but these occasions are very few so we need to develop an appreciation of them when they occur. The type of peace we experience is one of unity with ourselves, one another or our surroundings. I clearly remember being at church camp and taking my guitar off to a nearby hill, playing tunes before the dawn had truly broken; those feelings of peace remain vivid in my memory.

Two weeks ago I was looking at a print of the sun setting over the beach and it took me back to a recent experience where I developed a deep sense of peace just watching the River Thames one evening, in the company of a good friend. At the time I was feeling and not focussing, however writing this brings to mind a lyric: ‘Peace is flowing like a river,’ which was a popular song during my teens and it continues...’flowing out from you and me.’ I believe that we can share vibrations of peace with one another and this is what God expects, having shared His peace with us.

If you look at this verse again, it implies quite clearly that we have no understanding of God’s peace yet it is constantly with us, guarding our hearts and minds. How can we accept this invisible truth, especially when we are feeling depressed, angry, anxious or generally negative? Once again we go back to belief. If we believe that what God says is true we have that peace inside us and it can work as a defense barrier, keeping us on track. Our part is to recognize the situation we are in and call on God to help us. We control our minds and although it can be extremely difficult, with God’s help we have the power to change. This doesn’t necessarily mean instantly, but if we are aware of God’s peace we know that everything will work out in its time.

Alternatively, how aware are we of God's peace when life is going well and we are extremely busy? Again, we need to acknowledge the existence of God's gift of peace.

Exercise: When you get up in the morning just remind yourself that the peace of God is with you, keeping you close to God Himself and this may help you to face the difficult situations daily life throws your way and give thanks for all God's blessings.

Jaz McKenzie


  1. Jaz your words have truely helped open these open eyes in to seeing eyes. Far too often we look but do not see, we seek but do not find as most often than not we are looking farther than we need to look, which is at ourselves.

  2. That is a very true observation Master P... if we concern ourselves with our own business and not other people's we will be at peace. That does not mean neglecting others, it simply means taking life as it comes and allowing Divine guidance to rule.. OK!!