Simply Red - Money's Too Tight (To Mention)

Great description here of the poverty trap that so many people have found themselves in, especially those who have seriously splashed our for Christmas, particularly on their credit cards and might regret it for a long time to come.

I think most of us rebel against lack of funds occasionally and will spend on a whim... how often do we go on to justify such spending when really we don't need to? We cannot literally count every penny all of the time and do need to treat ourselves once in a while. There is a place for retail therapy however it is the extent of our spending that is important; knowing where to draw the line. I tend to buy something I actually need however at twice the price!

Money goes around and when we give where we can it is likely to come back further down the line when we need it. All forms of giving receive blessings and giving is something that should be done with a generous spirit.

I have to say that the new year has got off to a great start and we have had 3 beautiful days so far & today has also gone well. Part of this is due to looking for the goodness and beauty in life.. great, it works! So have yourselves a lovely weekend & keep the positive focus!

Jaz McKenzie